Geek Picks: Our 10 Favorite Miss Earth 2017 Eco Videos

For the fourth straight year, the Miss Earth delegates were asked to submit biographical video pieces that promote their respective countries’ scenic beauty and sum up their individual environmental platforms. 73 out of the 86 official candidates fulfilled that requirement this year, and here are our Top 10 favorites:

Belarus – Polli Cannabis. Shot and edited with a poet’s eye by Tony Melekh, Polli’s colorful and upbeat video brilliantly showcases her country’s culture and scenery. It’s a great way to introduce her homeland, which marks its Miss Earth debut this year.

Belgium – Lauralyn Vermeersch. Lauralyn referred to her country as the “Land of Chocolate”, but her highly informative video depicts it as more than that.


Cameroon – Verucha Kossinda. Exquisitely mounted with a catchy musical score to boot, this is probably the only submission this year where the candidate-in-focus did some acting. Also, we could listen to her French accent all day.

China – Mei Zhan. This year’s mainland Chinese rep was educated in Europe. Her worldly upbringing clearly shows in this well-edited piece.


Cyprus – Artemis Charalambous. It plays like a visual love letter to her Mediterranean island and it details her cause in a manner that’s straightforward, but non-preachy.

Indonesia – Michelle Alriani. Michelle’s piece showcases her eloquence and proactive stance towards paper recycling. It’s easy to see why she’s catching on as a dark horse favorite.

Mongolia – Tugs-Amgalan Batjargal. Dramatically written and narrated, meticulously crafted and composed; we don’t mind that it’s almost seven minutes long. What else would you expect from the land that gave us Bayartsetseg Altarangel?

Puerto Rico – Karla Victoria Aponte. At the wake of Hurricane Irma, Karla’s video portrays her homeland not just an Island of Enchantment, but also of Resilience. It’s a timely reminder that we shouldn’t wait for catastrophe to make us realize what we stand to lose.



Uganda – Josephine Mutesi. It’s fun to watch Josephine presenting her motherland with utmost zeal and interacting with chimpanzees. She seems to have the makings of a future TV presenter, a path she should seriously consider.


Vietnam – Le Thi Ha Thu. It vividly portrays the emerging frontrunner as a hardworking and passionate woman who is devoted to both her advocacy and the pageant’s cause.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Argentina, Cambodia, Colombia, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, and USA 





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