Bb. Pilipinas 2018 Candidate Review (#21-#40)

#21 – Anjame Magbitang
This student bears the distinction of being the youngest and tallest of the bunch. She also stood out at the National Costume competition for wearing a Katipunan-inspired ensemble. She might fight for a Top 25 slot.

#22 – Sophia Juliann Baino
This pageant first-timer is good-looking and conducts herself quite well. A placement is conceivable, but it will probably at the expense of other seasoned veterans.

#23 – Ena Louis Velasco
She has a heartwarming backstory about being left with her grandmother when her parents left the country for work, but her more interesting ace is that she’s a medical doctor. Right now, she’s being pegged as a Top 15 shoo-in, who might even usurp a crown.

#24 – Edjelyn Joy Gamboa
Her best prospects would be to equal her surprise 2016 Top 15 placement. Much as it would feel justified this time, there’s a slim chance she might get “demoted” to the Top 25, given the presence of other competitive stunners.

#25 – Jerelleen Rodriguez
Much like Janice Roman, this teacher is banking on her intelligence to make a favorable impression. Looks-wise, she’s drowned out by other more formidable contenders.

#26 – Wynonah Van Joy Buot
This Cebuana entered the race as “The Newcomer to Beat” and was pegged as an early crown favorite. However, as the heavy favorites started bringing their A-Game as weeks progressed, she got left behind a bit. A placement is still almost certain, but a victory might be too pre-mature at this point.

#27 – Henna Kaizelle Cajandig
This Sultan Kudarat native first saw action in this pageant five years ago and has seasoned considerably since then, even managing a Miss World Philippines Top 15 placement last year. It’s still unclear whether or not she can duplicate that feat. Given the level of this year’s competition, a Top 25 placement would be a welcome achievement.

#28 – Angelica Mae Corbe
Judging from the bubbly Bollywood dance number she did at the Talent round, she’s a vivacious and fun-loving charmer. Whether or not she will be rewarded for it remains to be seen.


#29 – Samantha Kaye Avestruz
Her highlight thus far is being shortlisted in National Costume for her scallop shell-accented dress. Outside of that, she hasn’t been garnering much buzz.

#30 – Sarah Margarette Joson
While she’ll most probably trail behind her two Miss World Philippines 2016 “sisters” Catriona Gray and Sandra Lemonon, she was still able to hold her own and might secure a quarter-final spot (or beyond).

#31 – Jehza Mae Huelar
We’ll be blunt in guessing that she probably won’t achieve the same feat as her predecessors, MJ Lastimosa and Pia Wurtzbach, because as it is, at least three other ladies are being eyed for the top title. Her persistence will likely still earn her a crown. So even if this is probably her final hurrah in pageantry (she got engaged last January), her journey might still end on a high note.

#32 – Eva Psychee Patalinjug
She’s gorgeous, like a more refined Mariel de Leon with touches of her fellow Cebuana, former Miss Earth Karla Henry. And like Vickie Rushton, she’s also a former Mutya ng Pilipinas titleholder who never got to compete internationally. Will there be room for both of them in the winners’ circle?

#33 – Stephanie Joy Abellanida
This 22-year-old wasn’t a favorite coming in, but judging from her National Costume nod, it seems like she can steal a placement.

#34 – Mary Joy de Castro
She’s a TV reporter (Another one!) with an inclination towards the arts, so she’s another underrated eloquent gem. Not much is said about her at this point, but a shock placement is conceivable.

#35 – Sandra Lemonon
Some remember her for winning the awards Catriona didn’t win in Miss World Philippines 2016 (including Miss Photogenic!), where jangled nerves relegated her to 4th Princess. Bear in mind that Rachel Peters encountered a similar fate four years ago. While Catriona still virtually has the upper hand at this point, this girl seems poised to finally capture her own title.

 #36 – Loren Mar Arjajos
This year’s oldest contestant at 27, she’s most known for taking over the duties of dethroned Miss Philippines Earth 2016 Imelda Scheighart. She’s a remote possibility, though it should be noted that the only title she’s eligible to win will most likely go to someone else. Whatever happens, she can relish having made it into the finals night this time around, as she was inexplicably disqualified in this pageant two years ago.

#37 – Patrizia Mariah Garcia
She has tremendously improved from her Miss Philippines Earth 2015 stint and is now  a contender, with a hefty fan base to boot. She’s another last minute favorite who will fight for a Top 15 slot.

#38 – Karen Juanita Gallman
Her six-year hiatus served her well. She’s still every inch the stunner we loved in 2012, albeit trimmer and more well-prepared. It looks like a title is within reach.

#39 – Trixia Marie Maraña
She’s not traditionally pretty but she won a minor regional pageant called Miss Asia two years ago. This experience might propel her to the Top 25, at the very least.

#40 – Angelie Aubrey Asuncion
She has a passing resemblance to Bb. Pilipinas-International 2001 Maricarl Tolosa. She’s a bit of a long shot, but at least she performed creditably in the Talent competition, with her spot-on (maybe too spot-on) cover of Sitti‘s Para Sa Akin.



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