Who Should Complete the Miss World 2017 Top 40?

23 candidates have already secured their spots in the Miss World 2017 Top 40. So, the question looming on everyone’s heads right now is, who should occupy the remaining 17? Well, here’s a rundown of our choices:


One heavy favorite who seems to be already “knocking at the door”, following Mongolia‘s Multimedia Fast Track win is the gorgeous Polina Popova of Russia. See, it’s been established that when a Head-to-Head Challenge Winner wins a Fast Track, she automatically waives her “golden ticket” to whoever’s next in line in the group. It’s how Macau and Liberia secured their respective slots, and it’s the scenario that will probably play out again.

Here are our 16 remaining picks:

Australia – Esma Voloder
The Land Down Under has been excelling in this pageant since 2011. It seems unlikely that an accomplished veteran would break that streak. Though she’s probably no longer  a lock for the Queen of Oceania title at this point, her BWAP citation might still guarantee her a slot.

Brazil – Gabrielle Vilela
She’s extremely polished and well-prepared, but was blindsided by Bangladesh’s powerful fanbase in Head to Head (we all were, actually). Still, her Top Model and BWAP citations bode well, and as we said in our initial review: the judges would be foolish to ignore her.

China – Guan Siyu
Macau‘s already in. There’s no way they will keep the Mainlander, much less the host delegate, out of the running.

Cook Islands – Alanna Smith
She was shut out of Fast Track glory twice – first by Dominican Republic in Sports, then by Colombia in Head to Head. Still, her excellent communication skills and undeniable charisma will be hard to resist.

Croatia – Tea Mlinaric
She’s the most competitive Croatian sent to Miss World since 2008, and she placed third in one of the most surprising Top Model results in years.

El Salvador – Fatima Cuellar
She’s her Central American country’s best shot at attaining its first Miss World placement and, dare we say it, potentially even its best delegate since Miss Universe 1955 First Runner-Up Maribel Arrieta. That says a lot.

England – Stephanie Hill
The UK sent quite a formidable foursome this year, but it’s this medical technician who earned the most Fast Track nods. Elegant and sophisticated, she might end England’s two-year drought.

Fiji – Nanise Rainima
It felt like the Group 12 Head-to-Head was hers to conquer. But instead, the Golden Ticket went to Guatemala. Nevertheless, it’s been a while since a Melanesian woman saw action in this pageant and she’s honestly way too interesting to by-pass. Her BWAP citation and Talent 1st Runner-Up placement will be her added aces.

Jamaica – Solange Sinclair 
She may have fizzled a bit after France overtook her in the Group 3 Head-to-Head, but her effervescence should still work wonders. And lest we forget, her country is usually this pageant’s Caribbean nation-of-choice.

Kenya – Magline Jeruto
Her country is working its way into becoming an African powerhouse, and it looks like she can sustain that progress. Nigeria may have seized the momentum for now, but this Lupita Nyong’o dead-ringer should catch up.

Poland – Magdalena Bienkowska
The Miss International alumna may have yielded to the Venezuelan comeback for now, but the judges surely took note of how impressive she was in that group. And again, that face!

Scotland – Romy McCahill
This Scottish lass has the trappings of a sentimental favorite, thanks to her touching back story. Surely, there can be room for one more UK girl.

South Africa – Ade van Heerden
She’s an excellent speaker and she’s now in the Top 5 of Beauty with a Purpose. Even if she doesn’t win that Fast Track, her placement will there earn her sufficient merit.

Spain – Elisa Turian
Stunning with a relevant advocacy to boot, she’ll also probably next in line in Group 18, if Vietnam wins BWAP.

Thailand – Patlada Kulphakthanapat
She’s a multiple Fast Track placer with a considerable fanbase, and probably next in line in Group 17, if Philippines wins BWAP.

United States – Clarissa Bowers
No matter how they ignore or downplay her beauty and presence, she’s still the most glamorous girl in the bunch, next to India. And again, three words for those concerned about her Fast Track non-placements: Stephanie Del Valle.


Finally, here’s how we ranked the remainder:

Austria, Cote d’Ivoire, Bolivia, Chile, Botswana, Canada, Finland, Aruba, Ghana, Ukraine, New Zealand, Sweden, Guyana, Japan, Slovenia, Tanzania, Northern Ireland, Myanmar, Korea, British Virgin Islands

Austria, Ghana, and Myanmar were impressive, but they were simply grouped with more popular delegates. Same goes for Ukraine, New Zealand, and Guyana; expected to advance, but were surprisingly overtaken. Chile may have hammed it up too much, but the intelligence is there. Cote d’Ivoire and Bolivia‘s buzz died down, but they’re still looking their best. Ditto for Canada, one of the youngest in this year’s competition and the youngest ever sent by her country; the inexperience shows but her face is gorgeous. Korea, Botswana, Finland, Aruba, Slovenia and Japan: revelations and may put up a fight. Tanzania‘s BWAP placement may put her back in contention. Sweden is Scandinavia’s best bet. Northern Ireland: could there be room for one more UK girl? And finally, never before has the British Virgin Islands earned so much recognition. Whatever happens, this has been their best performance yet.

Angola, Bahamas, Georgia, Guadeloupe, Israel, Belgium, Cameroon, Guinea, Germany, Paraguay, Portugal, Ethiopia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Guam, Honduras, Ireland, Singapore, Bulgaria, Ecuador, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Denmark, Equatorial Guinea, Senegal, Slovakia, Montenegro, Rwanda, Norway, Lesotho, Serbia, Turkey, South Sudan, Wales, Zimbabwe, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, Cape Verde, Zambia

Angola, Iceland, Cameroon, Paraguay, and Portugal: drop-dead gorgeous, but may have fallen flat in interview. Slovakia and Zimbabwe: short-listed in BWAP, but went unnoticed in other areas. Guam: Oceania’s weakest link, but an intelligent girl. Wales: UK’s weakest link, but still very lovely. Trinidad and Tobago: articulate and made history as the first Hindu rep. And Senegal: a creditable and stylish debutante.

Albania, Mauritius, Madagascar, Armenia, Egypt, Curacao, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Laos, Hong Kong, Romania, Tunisia, Seychelles, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, Belize, Cayman Islands

Sri Lanka and Tunisia: beautiful but still very raw. Same goes for Uruguay and Mauritius. Albania, Cayman Islands, BelizeRomania, Hong Kong, and Seychelles gave strong interviews; might still salvage their respective rankings. Finally, an OK start for Armenia and Laos; they should improve in no time.



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