Miss World 2017 Head-to-Head Challenge Recap (Group 20)

And now, we’re down to the final batch. These ladies weren’t in Sanya yet at the time of the initial draw. Now, here the are. Presenting, Group 20:


Cayman Islands – Kristin Amaya
This bright young woman beams with compassion when she speaks, but with a bevy of other strong islanders in this roster, she will likely be left behind.


Cape Verde – Christilene Pimienta
She’s only the third Cabo Verdian to compete in this pageant since debuting 20 years ago and she’s quite probably the best so far. In terms of overall look, she channels the Nicaraguan 2001 finalist Ligia Arguello except more timid. But again, with Africa bringing its A-game this year, she’ll possibly be overlooked.


Zambia – Mary Chibula
She came across as rather raw in this episode, though she did show the most wisdom in her responses. She could be a top contender with the right styling and packaging.


Kazakhstan – Gul’banu Azimkhan
One is inclined to assume that she’s the most striking in this group. But as with Miss Serbia’s case, her hindrance is being grouped with brighter personalities and stronger communicators.


British Virgin Islands – Helina Hewlett
The cliché “Last, but not the least” certainly applies here. As many a pageant fan would know, the BVI is often regarded as, how do we put it, an “Un-Powerhouse”. This girl, however, seems poised to finally buck that trend. So far, she has placed third in Sports (record 93 skips in skip rope!) and was short-listed in Beauty with the Purpose for her hurricane relief efforts – something Puerto Rico could have done, had it competed. Whatever happens tomorrow, her territory can take pride in giving its best pageant performance yet.

1. British Virgin Islands
2. Cape Verde
3. Kazakhstan
4. Zambia
5. Cayman Islands


And, there you have it! We’ve reviewed all the 118 candidates in this year’s Miss World contest. Visit again tomorrow for our run-through of the Head-to-Head Challenge Winners and our Final Picks!


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