Miss World 2017 Head-to-Head Challenge Recap (Group 18)

Less than 24 hours to go before the final and only 10 girls left to review, here’s a run-through of the last batch of 6, and the last to be filmed in Phoenix Island Resort. Here’s Group 18:


Wales – Hannah Williams
She’s trailing in the UK group, but only because she hasn’t figured in any of the Fast Track challenges. Other than that, she’s no slouch in the beauty and brain departments.


Vietnam – Do My Linh
Her Beauty with a Purpose project, Light Up the Darkness“, chronicles how she helped provide solar power to an impoverished village in Yen Bai. It’s a poignant 10-minute piece and is probably the best in the bunch. Her interview didn’t disappoint either, as she talked about helping victims of Agent Orange, a chemical wildly used by U.S. militants during the Vietnam War. She’s another Southeast Asian shoo-in.


South Sudan – Arual Longar
A lovely face and a strong communicator, but we’ve been too spoiled with the likes of Atong De Mach and Awien Kuanyin-Agoth.   


Zimbabwe – Chiedza Mhosva
Not the best looker in her region, that’s for sure, but her Beauty with the Purpose placement will improve her standing.


Belize – Renae Martinez
Like a tardy student who floors the teacher by doing well in recitation, this girl wasn’t present in the Challenge Draws, but managed to whip up impressive answers.


Spain – Elisa Tulian
will likely win this round, but there are more than enough safety nets waiting to catch this Spanish stunner. She made the finals in Top Model, Talent, and Sports, and her campaign for gender equality will surely earn some nods. It isn’t over for the Iberian peninsula. The Continental Queen of Southern Europe title could be within reach.

1. Vietnam
2. Spain
3. Zimbabwe
4. Wales 
5. South Sudan
6. Belize 



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