Miss World 2017 Head-to-Head Challenge Recap (Group 17)

A three-way Southeast Asian Battle highlights this group. Here is Group 17:


Turkey – Asli Sümen
This 18-year-old was originally Miss Turkey Universe for a day, but her supposed Miss World counterpart got dethroned for oversharing a politically insensitive tweet. She was a revelation in this round and exuded fresh, youthful vibrancy in both her video and her interview. Her brother also lives in Ontario, which partially explains her Canadian twang. With her excellent communication skills and Talent Fast Track nod, there’s actually a remote chance she can end her country’s 14-year drought, but she’d have to fight for a slot to get there.   


Thailand – Patlada Kulphakthanapat
Her slightly duskier complexion and more intense Asian features make her unique from other recent Thai delegates. But it’s those qualities, coupled with her fierce projection skills, that helped her secure her Top Model Runner-Up placement. She’s also a strong interviewee and she’s currently short-listed for the Beauty with a Purpose title. She’ll enter the Top 40, by any means necessary.



Lesotho – Mpoi Ma’hao
She’s actually the most polished and most self-assured contestant fielded by her country since 2003’s Mapuena Lepolesa. But overtaking both this group might be a struggle.



Myanmar – Ei Kyawt Khaing
She’s arguably the prettiest Burmese candidate sent to this pageant so far since its 2014 debut. She’s also an influential blogger in her country, which accounts for her charisma. But as it is, she’s up against two other Southeast Asian superpowers in this group.


Serbia – Andelija Rojić
Eastern Europeans tend to come across as unenthusiastic and deadpan, so being grouped with extroverted Southeast Asians puts her at a slight disadvantage.


Philippines – Laura Victoria Lehmann
Despite the presence of other stunners in her local tilt, it’s crystal clear why this courtside reporter was deemed most suitable for this pageant. With a contest format that puts more emphasis on public engagement and online pull, her top-notch communication skills and charismatic flair are indeed vital. She even conducted herself in this round like she was Frankie’s co-host! Her Beauty with a Purpose placement somehow seals the deal.

1. Philippines
2. Thailand
3. Myanmar
4. Turkey
5. Lesotho
6. Serbia





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