Miss World 2017 Head-to-Head Challenge Recap (Group 16)

We’re down to the final quarter of this year’s Head-to-Head groups. Here’s Sweet 16: 


Mexico – Andrea Meza
Ana Girault‘s beauty was far more eye-catching, that’s for sure, but her rambunctious demeanor was a disconnect from the pageant’s branding, and might have contributed to her shut-out. This girl, on the other hand, proves to be the refreshing antithesis. She is serene, down-to-earth, and exudes that overall caring vibe that Miss World tends to look for in a winner. Factor in her placements in Top Model, Talent, and Sports, and she will likely outdo her sassy predecessor.


Norway – Celine Herregården
Behold the Scandinavian Taylor Swift. Alas, she falls into that category of drop dead gorgeous Europeans who score high in looks, but low in personality.



Sri Lanka – Dusheni Silva
She looked impressive in her introductory video, but raw and under-styled in her interview. Her saving grace here will be her clear, thought-provoking answers.


Scotland – Romy McCahill
Team UK is truly playing it strong this year! It’s great to discover a whole new depth to this former Miss Earth placer. In her video, she revealed her campaign to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s after losing her grandmother to the disease. On top of that, her Talent nod might earn her extra points.


Nicaragua – America Monserrath
She has an interesting look and personality. Now, if only her answers followed suit. She’ll stand out to some degree, but she won’t likely top her continental namesake.


Northern Ireland – Anna Henry
Another UK stunner; can’t we make them all place? This Belfast Belle looks like a young Yasmine Bleeth and will battle with England and Scotland for a slot. Her main aces are her Talent and Sports placements.

1. Mexico
2. Scotland
3. Northern Ireland
4. Sri Lanka
5. Nicaragua
6. Norway 


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