Miss World Head-to-Head Challenge Recap (Group 14)

Even Frankie Cena couldn’t resist expressing how impressed he was with this group. We dare you to pick a favorite. Meet Group 14:

MWVenezuelaVenezuela – Ana Carolina Ugarte
Contrary to initial reports that the pageant powerhouse would skip this year’s edition, here they are, very ably represented by this handpicked pageant veteran. She was a favorite in Miss Venezuela 2013 (won by Migbelis Castellanos), but much to shock and consternation of many, she didn’t even make the cut. Now, she’s finally given a shot at competing internationally, and what a huge responsibility she has: her country hasn’t placed since Ivian Sarcos‘ victory in 2011. Well, it seems she has a fair chance at reversing Venezuela’s fortune. Apart from placing in the Sports and Top Model Fast Tracks, she also seems adept at establishing rapport, based on her interview. In her intro video, she also showed her resilience after revealing that she lost her father and sister to an accident during her teens. It’s that kind of human interest story that gets audiences voting. This round is hers to lose.


MWRwandaRwanda – Elsa Iradukunda
She’s a headstrong, compassionate, and dedicated woman who once helped arrange the surgeries of 200 people suffering from cataracts. Even without a Beauty with a Purpose nod, she’ll surely continue to serve. She answered intelligently in this round, though she came across as too serious – such sharp contrast to her bouncy, cheery Miss Earth counterpart.     


Montenegro – Tea Babić
Another brainy beauty; this law student looks up to Eleanor Roosevelt, whom she mentioned twice in her interview. She is highly devoted to her calling and even plans to work with lawyers in helping countries with underdeveloped law systems. It’s a lofty goal and we wish her all the success.


Sweden – Hanna Haag
Based on looks alone, she is probably the beautiful Miss World contestant sent by her country within this decade. She’s also very earnest in her intent to help children in need. Her main hurdle, though, is that she seems to lack the competitive spark to surpass this group. 


Seychelles – Hilary Joubert
Her bright, infectious charm compensates for her non-conventional looks. She also personifies the very essence of her beautiful and sunny island country, which, lest we forget, hosted the pageant twice in the past. (Attention Miss Madagascar: THIS is how you do it.)


Poland – Magdalena Bieńkowska
Fresh from her impressive turn in Miss International 2016, this angelic beauty returns to the pageant scene more competitive than ever! While Venezuela might overtake her in this group, the judges would be unwise to keep her out. On top of her amazing looks, she’s also blessed with a pleasant, relaxing persona. She’s reserved without being detached, and confident without being in-your-face. She also appears to have a spiritual side, as she cited Pope John Paul II, her fellow Polish, as a person from the past she’d like to speak with.

1. Poland
2. Venezuela
3. Seychelles
4. Montenegro
5. Sweden
6. Rwanda  


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