Miss World 2017 Head-to-Head Challenge Recap (Group 9)

After eight sessions in Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, it was time to touch base. The Head-to-Head Challenges resumed in Phoenix Island Resort, Sanya, China with the stunners of Group 9:



India – Manushi Chhillar
The last Indian to don the Miss World crown is now a phenomenally successful movie star, who has since crossed over to Hollywood. She is, of course, none other than Miss World 2000 and Quantico star Priyanka Chopra. Now, this dazzling beauty seems poised to follow that trajectory. Not only does she adhere to the classic Miss World archetype, she also has the presence and aura akin to a future Bollywood superstar. It’s time for India to restore its clout.


Bulgaria – Veronika Stefanova
This lovely blonde hopes to be the first female president of her country (Don’t they all?). She’s an upgrade from the average Bulgarian candidate and her back-story of saving 30 anorexic girls might earn her brownie points. Alas, she’s up against three other highly-favored stunners in this group.


Greece – Maria Psilou
This philosophy major was originally slated to also compete in Miss Universe, but because of the scheduling conflict, she opted to keep Miss World. She struggled to showcase her wisdom in English, but she delivered a far more profound response when she shifted to Greek.. It’s doubtful that she’ll top this group, though. Nonetheless, it’s comforting to see her country back in action after skipping pageantry altogether last year. If it’s any indication, Greece is getting back on its feet.


Ecuador – Romina Zeballos
She’s pretty and articulate enough and could be in contention in other editions, but the competition’s already too stiff in her group, more-so, the entire pageant.


El Salvador – Fatima Cuellar
She takes pride in being the first national chess champion to compete in Miss World. Granted justice prevails, she should also be her Central American country’s first ever Miss World finalist. It should be about time. She deserves this.


Finland – Adriana Gerxialija
Judging from her last name, this bright and elegant lady seems to be of Slavic descent (Albanian perhaps?). Anyway, pageant placements for her country have been frustratingly sporadic as of late, so it’s pleasing to see her projecting so well. Her only drawback was her messy styling in her interview. If she manages to overcome that, she could go far. 

1. India
2. El Salvador
3. Finland
4. Ecuador
5. Bulgaria
6. Greece 





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