Miss World 2017: Head-to-Head Challenge Recap (Group 10)

A Southeast Asian debutante goes head-to-head with an emerging Southeast Asian powerhouse. We cap off the first half of this year’s Miss World roster with the delegates of Group 10:


Aruba – Anouk Eman
The fact that this synchronized swimmer once underwent a spine operation for her scoliosis makes her Sports Challenge Top 24 placement an outstanding feat. She was a revelation in her Head-to-Head challenge interview, so she can possibly usurp the Caribbean Queen title.


MWLaosLaos – Tonkham Phonchanhueang
Of the three women representing the “Land of the Million Elephants” in the “Big 3” (Universe, World, International) for the first time this year, she seems to be the weakest link at this point. Looks-wise, she does keep up with her formidable Indochinese counterparts. But her Head-to-Head interview was a qualified drag. Perhaps, she should have spoken Lao from the get-go.

Ghana – Afua Asieduwaa Akrofi
The Gold Coast placed in three out of the last four stagings of this pageant. They only reason they missed 2015 is that they didn’t compete that year. This aspiring UN General Secretary is likely to sustain that streak, thanks mostly to her effervescent demeanor and boundless charm. Africa’s certainly bringing its A-Game this year!


MWHungaryHungary – Virág Koronknyai
It’s improbable that she’ll follow the footsteps of Edina Kulcsar and Timea Gelencser, as of this writing, but it’s great that she’s making a favorable impression. Another pleasant surprise.


MWNetherlandsNetherlands – Philisantha van Deuren
She looks like a more scholarly Milla Jovovich and showcased her intellect commendably in the interview round. For now, though, it’s doubtful that this country will regain its Miss World momentum*.

*The Netherlands placed in 2010, and consecutively from 2012-2015.  


Indonesia – Achintya Holte Nilsen
Face it, it doesn’t really matter how impressive her groupmates were in this round, because she will surely earn the lion’s share of the votes. She will advance. And she does  possess exceptional qualities that could help her go further, like her intelligence and her dedication. But, no more national directors in the final panel, please!

1. Indonesia
2. Ghana
3. Aruba
4. Hungary
5. Netherlands
6. Laos 



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