Miss World 2017 Head-to-Head Challenge Recap (Group 7)

One of these ladies is now part of the Top 40, so it’s now a close call among the remainder. Meet the first group of the Yellow Team, Group 7:



Guam – Destiny Cruz
Candidates from this U.S. territory tend to be of petite stature, with sharp Asian features and this girl fits that mould. Her gift of gab might earn her points in this round. If she doesn’t, advancing will likely be a struggle.

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Aida Karamehmedovic
In certain angles, she looks like the Balkan answer to Filipina celebrities Arci Muñoz and Ellen Adarna. She presented her country beautifully in her introductory video and her answers, while lacking in enthusiasm (typical of Eastern Europeans), were adequate. Topping this round will be a long shot, but she at least made the Top 24 of the Sports Challenge.


Macau – Wang Ling Lan
She’s more polished and self-assured that the average Macanese candidate and even  channels a homelier version of China‘s 2012 titleholder, Wenxia Yu. In her introductory video, she’s revealed to be a well-rounded and compassionate individual, as it shows her acting in theater and frequenting welfare homes. Chances are, she will try her luck in Talent and BWAP.


Honduras – Celia Monterrosa
Her predecessor, Kerelyne Campigotti Webster, is more stunning by far. But then, this is Miss World. And this future orthodontist also answered impressively in this round. Still, this group is a close call.


Iceland – Ólafía Ósk Finnsdóttir
Her serene facial beauty and touching back-story about taking care of a cerebral palsy patient make her an easy sentimental favorite. But her parsimonious responses, not to mention, reactions, will be her undoing in this segment. Her only hope now is if the judges favor her enough, and it’s conceivable that they will.


Dominican Republic – Aletxa Mueses
Even without her Sports Fast Track victory, this girl seemed poised to top this group anyway. But now that she’s officially in the Top 40, it’s now a neck-and-neck battle among her equally intelligent groupmates. She’s a departure from recent placers from her  country. What she lacks in fierceness, she compensates with her sincerity and immense likability. Don’t underestimate this Dominicana. 

1. Dominican Republic 
2-4 (Three way tie; it’s too close to call) Macau, Honduras, Guam
5. Bosnia and Herzegovina 
6. Iceland 





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