Miss World 2017 Head-to-Head Challenge Recap (Group 4)

With only one candidate per group poised to advance through this voting round, two or three from this group will have to rely on the judges or fast-tracks to go further. Meet the highly-competitive Group 4:



Australia – Esma Voloder
This Miley Cyrus clone is the daughter of Bosnian refugees, a tidbit she only mentions in passing in her intro. In her interview, she spoke about her fascination with the mind and shared a profound quote: “The mind is a powerful servant, and a dangerous master.” While she’s still every inch the stunner who placed in Miss Supranational 2013, she’s not standing out as much as expected here. Is she reserving her energy for more crucial rounds? If yes, that might be a risky move. She might have to rely on the judges or the fast tracks to go further.


France – Aurore Kichenin
She’s a fresh face and a fun spirit, as made clear by the last few seconds of her introductory video, where she’s featured bungee-jumping off a bridge. Mad props, also, for yanking wisdom out of her YOLO moment, and we quote: “If I could jump into the void, I could jump into any adventure“. A potential frontrunner, for sure. Our only worry is that this may not be her ticket to advance yet. This is a very strong group.


Germany – Dalila Jabri
Denny Mendez*, meet your German counterpart! This Moroccan-born model caused quite a stir for beating two blondes in her national pageant. Her striking looks, bouncy curls, and fierce catwalk make her stand out for sure, though something tells us she’s a better fit for Miss Universe or Miss Supranational.

*- The first woman of color to represent Italy on an international level, known for her bouncy curls and catwalk, finished in the Top 6 of Miss Universe 1997


Armenia – Lili Sargsyan
The first ever Miss World candidate from Armenia registers gorgeously in her introductory video and might blossom into a strong contender somewhere down the line. It’s just too bad looked uncomfortable in her interview.


Egypt – Farah Shaaban
She’s cute and intelligent, except she talks in a hurry. Her introductory video feels like it was shot before an appointment.


Jamaica – Solange Sinclair
Miss World
usually holds high regard for her country, and she has the same aura as her recent lofty-placing predecessors. It’ll be difficult to keep this girl in the background. Her eloquence and vivaciousness will get her far.


  1. Jamaica
  2. France
  3. Australia
  4. Germany
  5. Armenia
  6. Egypt

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