Miss World 2017 Head-to-Head Challenge Recap: Group 3

Chatter in Chimelong Ocean Kingdom continues with the ladies of Group 3:


Belgium – Romanie Schotte
She seems more polished than last year’s candidate, who went on to become Continental Queen of Europe. But then, it’s not yet a guarantee that she’ll fare better.  It’s nice to see that she’s recovered gracefully from her Emoji Controversy. If anything, it should serve as another reminder that social media can be both boon and bane, depending on how it’s used as a platform. As for her interview, she pulled a creditable performance and it looks like she’s heavily campaigning for a Beauty with a Purpose title.


Cameroon – Akomo Minkata
The French-speaking African nation achieved its first Miss Earth placement last Saturday, and the same could possibly happen here. Facially, this girl’s the prettiest of the group, although she looked a bit flustered in her interview. She might have to count on other areas in this competition to advance, especially since she’s grouped with two very eloquent and outspoken candidates, like…


Nepal – Nikita Chandak
If the comments section of Miss World‘s Youtube channel were the judging panel, this girl would be the runaway winner.  While her beauty is not of typical pageant sort, her intelligence and voice are mesmerizing. You’d vote for her because you want to keep listening to her. Even host Frankie Cena was left awestruck by her introductory video.


Guinea – Asmaou Diallo
This girl struggled answering her first question in English, but gave a far more cohesive response when she switched to French. She’s a lovely candidate, but she’s expected to neither top this group nor her continent.


Madagascar – Felana Tirindraza
Obviously under-prepared; she seems to be content just letting people know about her island, which made its last Miss World appearance in 2001.


Chile – Victoria Stein
Behold, this generation’s Joyce Giraud*. This loquacious overachiever lived in Oregon for a number of years, which accounts for her unmistakably Yankee accent.  Her depth and substance are unquestionable, though fans might find her speech cadence on the hammy side. Case in point: her introductory VO sounds like it was lifted off The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Compare that to Miss Nepal’s cool and calm delivery…

*- Joyce Giraud was a Miss World 1994 candidate-turned-Miss Universe 1998 2nd Runner-Up known for her repetitive responses and over-the-top pageant histrionics. She went on to appear in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  


  1. Nepal
  2. Chile
  3. Cameroon
  4. Belgium
  5. Guinea 
  6. Madagascar 




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